where you pay verry cheap for the gas fee

Swap YF4 erc20 to YF4 Bep20 Ratio 1️⃣ : 1️⃣

How to swap?

Please send YF4 erc20 to Developer address: 0xA5403B1849CD49e7C9df080993EFA829EcF8f624 , We will Charge swap fee 5% for every transaction : you will Receive YF4 BEP20 after 36 block confirmation you will get YF4 BEP20 token in your wallet Automaticly, Please using metamask, trust wallet or safepal wallet.

Thanks for Supporting Everyone.

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YF4 Launch Staking Yield Platform Pool-001

Daily Reward 1%

(Maximum get profit 210% from the daily reward including refferal bonus, after received 210% member must be reinvest to get more daily reward and refferal bonus)

Minimum stake 100 YF4 AND Maximum stake 1000 YF4

Minimum Withdrawal 10 YF4 daily, Maximum Withdrawal Same amount of member deposit.

Refferal Bonus :

Level 01–10%

Level 02–5%

Level 03–1%


Thank You guys.

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How to Contend for the Tiger Token ?

Participant must hold tokens at ERC20 wallet, Don’t move YF4 from your wallet until program completed.

Be Amongst the YF4 Holders, Minimum Hold 100 YF4 (hold on your personal wallet during this period Nov 10,2020 — Nov 25,2020 or Minimum 15 days.

Warning! : If you move your YF4, you will never get TIGER Tokens.

Please submite your wallet to get Tiger: Form:

More Details :

Uniswap Trading Pair YF4/TIGER :

We’re glad to announce to our Lovely Community that 3000 Tiger tokens have been paired to YF4 on Uniswap which means we can now trade our Tiger against YF4 and YF4 against Tiger on Uniswap.

Here’s the Trading Pair Link:

The Distribution for Tiger Tokens are as follows:

StakeHolder of YF4–90% 90000 tiger tokens, the estimation stakeholder reward program will be complete for 1 Year)

Uniswap Pool — 10% (it will be 10000 tiger token in uniswap pool pair to YF4)

The YF4 Team will also like to use this medium and appreciate all efforts coming from the community members and also investors.

Once again, Tiger 🐅 by YF4 is Born!!!

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The YF4 team will like to use this medium to appreciate and thank all our investors, community members and participants of the trading competition on P2PB2B for making it worthwhile.

We couldn’t have done this without you and the YF4 Team will like to say a Big Thank You to Everyone as we have finally ended the Trading Competition on P2PB2B Exchange,

Winners will be announced soon as long as the prices/rewards for participants

Thanks 😊..