where you pay verry cheap for the gas fee

How to swap?

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YF4 Launch Staking Yield Platform Pool-001

How to Contend for the Tiger Token ?

Warning! : If you move your YF4, you will never get TIGER Tokens.

Uniswap Trading Pair YF4/TIGER : https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x38acefad338b870373fb8c810fe705569e1c7225&outputCurrency=0x3e825ab39216b27d9e1d7031d0afc5b37a3d46d0

Stay Tuned Guys!!!

Trading Pair YF4/USDT : https://www.fatbtc.com/trading?currency=YF4%2FUSDT&freetab=3


Decentralized Finnace

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