Tiger Token Distribution Announcement

The YF4 Team is Glad to announce that we’ll commence distribution of Tiger Tokens to YF4 Holders who have respected our conditions and terms and held their YF4 Tokens without moving them out during the Holding Contest Period, Finally the event has come to an end and Participants will now be rewarded.

Today we have 10 People who qualify for the rewards, the winners of these contest will pay for the distribution fee, a tiny little amount of 1% of whatever amount of YF4 they were holding, so if you were holding 100 YF4 to get 300 Tiger you’ll pay a Fee of 1 YF4.

The Minimum amount to Hold for one Address is 100 YF4 to get 300 Tiger Tokens, Maximum amount to Hold is 2000 YF4 for each address to get 6000 Tiger Tokens. There’ll be a daily distribution to 10 People if they qualify.

Fees Rule:

who Holder 100 YF4 fee 1 YF4
Holder 1000 YF4 fee 10 YF4
Holder 2000 YF4 fee 20 YF4

Sending fee to Developer Wallet Address: 0xa5403b1849cd49e7c9df080993efa829ecf8f624

Thank You guys.

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