where you pay verry cheap for the gas fee

Swap YF4 erc20 to YF4 Bep20 Ratio 1️⃣ : 1️⃣

How to swap?

Please send YF4 erc20 to Developer address: 0xA5403B1849CD49e7C9df080993EFA829EcF8f624 , We will Charge swap fee 5% for every transaction : you will Receive YF4 BEP20 after 36 block confirmation you will get YF4 BEP20 token in your wallet Automaticly, Please using metamask, trust wallet or safepal wallet.

Thanks for Supporting Everyone.

Our Social Media Links:

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/yearn4finance
Medium: https://medium.com/@yearn4.finance
Official Website: https://yearn4.finance/




Decentralized Finnace

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Decentralized Finnace

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