YF4 Trading Competition Now on P2PB2B, WIN $10,600

The YF4 Team is glad to announce to our Lovely Community Members that we’re hosting a Trading Competition on P2PB2B Exchange

Trading Competition Page : https://p2pb2b.io/trading-competition
Competition Launchpad:

There’s a reward pool of over 10,000$ in YF4 to be won by traders, stand a chance to be among the winners,

First Place 🥇- 62 YF4
Second Place 🥈- 37 YF4
Third Place 🥉- 25 YF4
Others — 125 YF4 to be Splitted

The Trading Competition will Start on October 21st, 2020.

There’s more than enough Rewards for all Traders.

Trading competition rules
1. Only users with verified accounts may take part in Trading Competition.

2. YF4 trading pairs include: YF4/ETH.

3.You should have at least 4 on your balance to join the Competition.

4.Winners are determined by the amount of generated trading volume. Trading volume counts buy and sell, excluding any wash trades.

5.Participants who took 1–3 places receive prizes within 41 days, the remaining participants receive prizes in 50 days.

6.Press the button “Join” on top of the Launchpad to participate in Trading Competition.

Hurry up Now and Earn More YF4 By trading on P2PB2B Exchange 😊🚀.

Our Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/yearn4finance
Medium: https://medium.com/@yearn4.finance
Official Website: https://yearn4.finance/




Decentralized Finnace

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Decentralized Finnace

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